The staff of Chronos Scientific has extensive expertise in alpha spectrometry and in the application of this technique for 210Pb dating.

We have performed many accurate and precise measurements of 210Pb and 210Po on standard reference materials (SRMs). These SRM measurements agree with the international consensus values and demonstrate that our measurements are consistent with other laboratories.

Our method of isotopic dilution and alpha spectroscopy techniques for 210Pb analysis are peer-reviewed.

We have personally collected, and analyzed sediment cores across Canada, from the Arctic, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia; as well as the French Pyrenes. As a result of the diverse and extensive experience, we can anticipate and resolve many problems that might occur before the analysis of an individual core is begun. Please feel free to contact us for guidance at any time!

The director and radiochemist, Linda Kimpe has over 20 years of experience in the analyses of 210Pb and has co-authored over 40 peer reviewed papers on various aspects of environmental chemistry and radiochemistry in scientific journals.

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